kids colour experiment



flora and daddy made experiments on the weekend with food fruit colours. very simple and a great succes, using the colours yellow, blue and red, paper towel, and 3 glasses of water.

fill up half way with water water in all three glasses. place the glasses next to each other. fold 2 paper towel strips. add a few drops of blue colour into the left glas and a few drops of yellow into the right glas. ‘connect’ the waters with the paper towel strip – one strip from blue to clear water and one strip from yellow to clear water. wait for about an hour and you’ll have green water in the middle. they did the same experiment with red and yellow, and you can also do red and blue.

flora is 5 for a few more weeks and absolutely loves to learn new stuff. she new about mixing colours years ago, but doing experiment was still exciting to her. she loves to watch tv/you tube shows where they do experiments for kids like sesame street science, or you tube (search for: science kids) – of course it doesn’t make it less interesting that she’s doing it with daddy 🙂

she loves to explain what is going on and how it works to everyone who has their listening ears ready.

it really amaze me how this little girl is like a sponge. she’s always eager to find out new things and learn more. so inspiring to us.






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