birthday ideas for girl 6

6yearsbirthdaywishes1. ballerina dance suit.  2. sparkly silver sandals.  3. small miffy lamp.  4. small greenhouse.  5. french bulldog puppy.  6. snorkel, mask and flippers.  7. woolen dot rug.  8. iPod touch.  9. astrid lindgren: happy times in noisy village.  10. bathing suit.  11. treehouse.

my baby, little miss flora is soon turning six years old and she has talked about it pretty much since christmas, as she is the first one in our little family to have her birthday every year. most of these things are on her wishlist. i’ve added a few that i know she would love to get too. as the third child she has so much stuff and i sometimes find it challenging to come up with new ideas. luckily she loves clothes and shoes and books – those things you simply can’t get enough of 🙂


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