caramelized, glazed vegetables

2015-03-02_(h20m02s30)_IMG-9491_(Web_Max_800px_XY)this is a way to make sure your owen roasted vegetables will be a success.

this time we made carrots and brussel sprouts, but you can use any kind of root vegetable like beet, parsnip, jerusalem artichoke, butternut squash and so on.

sweet, slightly crispy and salty – what’s not to like?


for this you’ll need:

700g carrots

300g brussel sprouts

3 tbsp. olive oil

2 tbsp. basamic vinegar

1 tbsp. raw honey/maple sirup

1 tbsp. ramsons

1 tsp. sea salt flakes

how to:

1. preheat owen at 200C.

2. wash all produce (peel if not organic/needed).

3. pad dry with clean kitchen towel.

4. pour vegetables into big skillet.

5. in a bowl mix olive oil, balsamic and honey and pour the dressing onto the vegetables.

6. roast in owen for 30 minutes. toss and turn every 10 minutes.

7. when done spinkle with ramsons and salt.




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