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IMG_20150309_153622yesterday the kids received this ‘mysterious’ easter card with only little dots representing the sender.

this is a danish tradition to send easter cards like this one, or one that you cut yourself, (like you cut out snow flakes for the windows at christmas). you write a little poem on it, and the one you send it to, has to guess who it’s from. if they guess it right before easter, you have to give them an easter egg. if they don’t guess it right, they’ll have to give you an easter egg. it’s a fun little game, and as a kid i remember the excitement while waiting for people to get back to you. the adults have never been really good at guessing ;O)

isabella looks at the envelope, and knows right away who sent it from the handwriting. anton shares the excitement, but figured it out in a heart beat. but the true excitement is showing with flora, who has spent a fair amount of time counting letters and matching with the dots. she made the conclusion that this one came from ‘morfar + mormor’ (grandpa and grandma, moms side). they live in denmark, and it’s a little late there right now, so we’ll have to wait to call them on skype tomorrow to see if she guessed it right…

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