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many of you have been following us from the side when our french bulldog fiona was seriously ill. I’d like to thank each and every one of you for your love, healing thoughts and support through this hard time.

fiona is our perfectly healthy, two years old and loved by everyone she meets on her way – no matter how many legs you have ;O)

late september 2014 fiona was experiencing a virus on her brain, and it affected her to the point where she couldn’t eat, drink or stand. she got through it getting only homeopathic drops and touch for health treatments (tfh) – meaning no side effects at all. if you want to know more, keep reading.


børn og Fiona

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during one weekend we noticed that one of fiona’s back legs was not fully cooperating when she was jumping the stairs. it was on and off for the next 4 days, but she didn’t seem to be in any kind of pain, so thursday we decide to take her to the vet just to have it checked. they examined her to find that all of her reflexes were gone on all four legs/paws. it’s probably from her spine but could be related to her brain, they tell us. at this point, fiona seemed fine (she loved all the attention) except for her one back leg. they ask us to call back if it gets any worse. over the weekend nothing major changes until sunday night where i’m sensing something is not right. she’s not up for walks and playing, as she usually is, and she seems tired.

sunday night i know this is something serious affecting the brain. i email the symptoms i’m seeing to our natural doctor, irene yaychuk- arabei, DNM  (doctor of natural medicine), ROHP (registered orthomolecular health practitioner), R.Ac (registered acupuncturist).

irene yaychuk- arabei has been in the field of holistic health since 1979.  she came from a teaching background and focused on using a holistic approach with children with learning challenges. she has lectured and taught seminars worldwide. she uses a biofeedback system of specialized kinesiology to work with the body. holistic health encompasses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. through professional kinesiology practice, all these aspects are addressed to empower the individual to heal and self-care.

monday morning we get another examination of fiona at the vet hospital. they are not quite sure of her diagnose, and refers us to a vet hospital in oakville, as emergency, to see a neurologist the following day. right after the examination at our own vet hospital fiona is confused. she is acting like she doesn’t know where she is, and doesn’t know how to get back into the car. when back home she keeps turning to the left, spinning in circles, not stopping. it accelerates during the day. by now i’m in tears – this is very bad.

i receive an email reply from our natural doctor irene, saying; fiona’s got a virus on her brain. irene instructs me on what homeopathic remedies to give fiona, and how to treat her with touch for health (tfh) in order to boost her immune system and fight the virus. tfh is a concept developed by chiropractors catogorized as applied chinesiology. i’m a tfh practitioner myself. i start fiona’s treatment right away, as there are no side effects to this treatment at all. we can only try and hope for the best…

in the afternoon i can only get fiona to rest by putting her down on her left side. when on her left side she doesn’t move at all. she doesn’t recognize her food. she can’t drink – her tongue simply won’t cooperate now, and she’s trying to drink laying down reaching beside her bowl. she can’t stand or walk. if trying to stand, she spins around in a tiny circle. her eyes are flickering… this is really bad, and my husband and I inform our 3 kids at night, that we might have to put her down the next day… everybody’s in tears.

late at night my husband carries fiona outside to make her go, and somehow she manage to stand long enough to go pee. it’s a good sign.

we take her to the neurologist the next morning. she’s now standing, but still spinning in circles. gets exhausted very fast. the neurologist examines her – fiona’s got a virus on her brain.
the suggestion for further diagnose and treatment, is a full anesthesia to have an MRI scan and blood tests, an aggressive steroid treatment (chemotherapy – same one as used in people with cancer) to shut down fiona’s immune system. on top she will get antibiotics for 6-9 months.

a long discussion and a lot of tears later, we decide not to put her through this. the neurologist is warning us, but i can’t put her through this. it’s against my belief and we agree we love her too much to put her through this.

i’m still giving her the homeopathic drops and tfh treatments x 3 daily. this is the second day.

we get home a give her all the love and rest possible. over the next 24 hours she gets better – a lot better. at the end of the day fiona can drink and eat by herself although laying down and doing it over the side of the bowls. her tongue is not fully cooperating, but good enough to get it in her mouth. she is capable of doing her business out side at night. we’re thrilled.

over the next five days, fiona recovers greatly. and after four weeks she’s almost fully recovered. now, five months later, her reflexes are back to normal and we have our happy energetic fiona back. she’s a little more cautious around other dogs now, but we hope it will slowly disappear, as fiona realizes she’s strong again.




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