…do you want to build a snowman..

f: don’t you just love the frozen movie mom?
me: i love it sweetie…
f: *turns away with sparkle in her eyes, still singing – let it go, let it go..!

even though the snow day started out a little hectic with all the snow shovelling to get the van out, get ready for school, and back from the school that we found closed, the snow day turned out to be such a fun day right till the end.

if you haven’t guessed it, little miss f is all about frozen…  still…  we listen to the music almost every morning before the kids are off to school, and saturday we had a frozen movie night at home… again. little miss f can always be found singing, 99% of the time it’s a song from the frozen movie.

sometimes the best days spent with the kids are the days that were not planned and came unexpectedly – as an extra gift!



By Stine

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