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IMG_20150225_170850a few weeks ago this lovely grocery store opened in our area. i have already been there several times now and will highly recommend you to try it out too.

IMG_20150217_094731IMG_20150225_171034everything in this grocery store is organic. they carry a great variety of fresh produce, a lot of the stuff they carry is fair trade and they do have huge selection of gluten-free, nut-free and other special products. a huge wall of containers with spices, freshly in store baked goods – including vegan muffins that are seriously a danger to my health, all kinds of dried lentils, beans, seeds and so forth in bulk.

IMG_20150225_170833they also do carry kitchen equipment that are BPA free, made from sustainable sources and for making your own milk, coffee and bread. and if you didn’t had time to make your own lunch this morning, you can pick up a warm meal too. again there’s always a wide variety here too – always a vegetarian and a vegan option to go.

a cup of good coffee to go is less than a dollar – just saying ;O)

all in all a fantastic place to pick up your daily groceries – and even better – the prices are the same as in every other grocery store in town!






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