lovely long weekend

2015-02-15_(h10m30s35)_IMG-9310_(Web_Max_800px_XY)it’s all about love…  little miss f made me this valentines heart…  i do not have words to express how much i love this little girl of mine.

little miss f loves valentines and she planned for a family party months ahead. she made a scaventer hunt for us, where we had to find and collect her home made prices. i think she used paper, different wasi tapes, stickers and maybe a doll dress was cut open to make those prices a more sparkly…  we did freeze dance and played games – so much valentines fun.

slow mornings with long lasting breakfast (or to be honest it was more like brunch), snuggling, games, baking, hot cocolate, walks in the snow (very short ones obviously), painting and colouring, a costume party – the danish tradition ‘fastelavn’ and time to dream, make plans and just do nothing…


we made ‘fastelavns buns’ which again is a danish tradition. the buns are very different from different areas in denmark. the ones we made are the ones my mom used to make every year for this particular party. find the recipe at the end of this post.

at the ‘fastelavns party’ we dressed up as a little red lobster, some dark scary monster and pirate-mom. we’ve had a wonderful long weekend with a temperature record of -42C with the wind chill… let’s just say it’s been really really cold!






20 fastelavns buns –

for the dough you will need:

100g wet yeast

2 1/2 cups finger temperature almond milk

250g vegan butter

800g flour

for the filling you will need:

100g vegan butter

100g sugar

50 g raisins/chopped almonds


how to:

1. mix yeast and milk.

2. melt the butter and add to the milk.

3. add the flour little by little and mix well by hand.

4. rising for about an hour or until double the size.

5. when dough is rising, mix the filling. set aside in fridge.

6. divide dough into 20 pieces, and roll into buns.

7. open each bun and add filling. make sure to close dough properly again.

8. bake in oven 12-15min. @ 225C.

9. decorate.




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