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2015-03-13_(h09m45s53)_IMG-9517_(Web_Max_800px_XY)about a month ago i finished the book by tony robbins – money – master the game.

the book is a solid brick and every penny from the sale is donated in advance (on top of an additional personal donation) to serving 50 million meals to people in need this year. tony robbins is sharing the strategies used by the worlds richest investors and self made millionaires, and boiling it down to simple strategies available for everybody to use. the goal of the book is to make people aware that it doesn’t have to be rocket science to invest and save up money for your retirement. there’s a lot of tips in this book for real people as me to pick up, and if you don’t know anything about money, investing, saving and pension plans, this book is an eye-opener.

tony uses a lot of examples from real life that you can easily relate to, like how little it takes every month starting now, to ensure you can keep living the life you do now after you retire. this one is an eyeopener to a lot of people i think. he also shares how to find that little extra each month if that’s your biggest challenge right now.

tony robbins takes the reader by hand, step by step to getting started as an investor – may it be saving $20,- or $20.000,- a month. even if you don’t end up doing it the recommended way, you’ll still learn from it.

a little too much repetition if you ask me, but definitely worth your time!

i purchased the audio for this book to listen to when driving (counting 21 hours), and decided to buy the book as well due to the donation.



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