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today is the day where the first book in our new series for children ages 9+ is available…  i’m so excited to find out if the audience likes it. the book is fiction and entertaining, but is based on true life stories from our clients and other people we’ve met in our work as strategic interventionist coaches.

a little book blurb..

Thor is furious at Freya. She just called him a minion and pulled his hair. He wishes he didn’t have to live with that insufferable girl. But he does, because Freya is his twin sister! Despite his anger with her he also misses how they used to have fun together before she lost her humor and turned into a pre-teen with mood swings. All Freya cares about now is Luke, the seventh grader whom she has a major crush on, and Charlotte her best friend, who is as complicated as she is. Girls are lame! Can it really be that the only thing they have in common right now is their favourite teacher, who tells amazing stories of the ancient Viking gods?

if you want to read my book, you can get it on

if you read it, please let me know what you think!



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