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Firkløver Red (A92626) 16x16

little miss f reminded me about something i forgot, and she was very proud she remembered and reminded me. she promptly replied:

“I have a little small brain, but a lot of things can fit in there.”

Firkløver Red (A92626) 16x16

second time skiing this year and little miss f goes:

“this is my first time skiing since last time.”

Firkløver Red (A92626) 16x16

a pair of twin boys from flora’s school invited her to their birthday party on the weekend, and she brings home an invitation:

“i know why they invited me – they both want to merry me…”  (smiling big)

Firkløver Red (A92626) 16x16

at school they have a ‘beach day’ in mid march. flora explains:

“mom it’s only a pretend beach day. it’s not a real one. that’s a good thing right? cause it would be way too cold… or we would have to go to hawaii or something, for it to be warm enough, but we can’t, because then our parents would miss us… and we would miss our parents. …we are bringing in a towel to sit on, and buckets and sun glasses, and we are going to have a picnic on the beach… we are going to pretend the carpet is the beach.”

– i think i get it 🙂



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