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what you believe becomes your truth – stine falkenberg schmidt

last week, little miss f was watching the movie “rise of the guardians” in the car, while taking miss b to dance, and we talked about whether or not the tooth fairy and jack frost are real. she is positive that santa and the easter bunny are real, so we didn’t even go there, and she decided the tooth fairy is real too.. probably as she’s having her second loose tooth right now  ;O)

i told her, “what you believe becomes your truth” and right after i said it, i found that it made so much sense for everything in our lives. if we believe enough in something, it really becomes our truth whether it’s something about who you are, something you want to do/ achieve, or what you find right or wrong..

i believe this week will be fantastic..


By Stine

Mother of three, Wifey, Coach, Educator, Published Author, Photographer, Treasure hunter, Lover of everyday and wild adventures ????

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