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watching me running on the treadmill in the basement is not pretty. if you are able to abstract from the bounces and the sound coming out of my mouth (yes i’m singing out loud when i have enough oxygen), i can best be compared with a bag of micro popcorn in the micro wave..  no, i do not get bigger and bigger ;O)  – i just pop ideas like crazy… ideas for my business, for my talks, for my family and for myself of course.IMG_20150206_103727and that fact makes it all worth it. as a matter of fact on todays run i was so loaded with new ideas for upcoming talks after only 15 minutes that i thought of stopping to go write it all down..

but i stayed on the treadmill and after 30 minutes and 5.3 kilometers (picture showing distance in miles) i stopped and ran upstairs, grabbed my laptop and started writing..

IMG_20150206_094455and this is not a one-in-a-million incident. it happens 9 out of 10 times when running. running has been a part of my life since i was a teenager as some of you already know. it has been my go-to whenever having exams, tests or other stressful periods of time in my life. even when i got really sick from too much stress on my body back in 2006, running was the way for me to get back on track and heal myself.

for shorter or longer periods of time i haven’t been running, but i always end up getting back on track sooner or later.

the biggest gain i find from running is the de-stressing mental affect it has on me. it totally clears my mind, and i feel so great and fully loaded with energy for the rest of the day (and the day after, if running at night).

and really 3-4 times of 30 minutes does it for me. it’s so little time, it’s easy and it’s flexible to fit in a tight weekly schedule for a family of 5, all having their sports and stuff going on.  the cardio effect is great too and endurance is also nice, but also much more time consuming, if you really want to push it. i’ve done it, and i’ll do it again – run a marathon – maybe copenhagen marathon will be the next one, i’ve done New York and Toronto – we’ll see.

how do you feel about running? or do you have another favourite activity? – i’d love to know..

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