snap shots from the weekend



yep, it is still cold here, as in minus 10-15C depending on the time of the day. the sun feels a lot more powerful now which is sign enough for me – spring is on the way!

besides colour experiments and baking we did experiment a little on the food side this weekend as well – that will be for a later post though. we had some great walks in the neighbour hood and played in the snow with fiona. sunday the temperature was better and we decided to go to our up-town skating rink for some fun. it was our first time skating this year and little miss f was not too happy about how the skates and the ice seemed more slippery than she remembered…


the skating rink stays open till end of march break if we keep the temparatures where they’re at now… honestly i think it great to be able to go skating but at this point i’m voting for spring temperatures!





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