super immunity


a few weeks ago i finished this wonderful book – i read it in a couple of weeks and wanted to share it with you. if you or someone you know is struggling with their health in any way, this is the book to look into.

dr. fuhrman explains the fundamentals of a great health and a strong immune system. how we can all prevent most illness from simple colds and flues to cancer and diabetes. and it is not rocket science. dr. fuhrman has done a really great job in cutting out the complicated stuff, and are only focusing on what the majority of people need to know.



i’ve read a lot of books about nutrition, health and the immune system and still, i really liked this book. it will be my go to book whenever i need a brush up or some inspiration for developing new recipes.

simple tips and lists and recipes for everyone to try out is included – what do you have to loose?

tip: if you do not feel comfortable reading in english, you can get it as an audiobook as well – makes it a lot easier, and you can listen on the go ;O)


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