snap shots from the weekend

yep, it is still cold here, as in minus 10-15C depending on the time of the day. the sun feels a lot more powerful now which is sign enough for me – spring is on the way! besides colour experiments and baking we did experiment a little on the food side this weekend as well… Continue reading snap shots from the weekend


cold cozy nights

as i’m writing this the outdoor temperature is -21C which is not extreme in this part of ontario. but when we add the chill factor, we are subtracting quite a lot, which makes it feel more like -32C. and trust me on this – this feels cold – like in extremely cold! a few candles… Continue reading cold cozy nights


…pearls from little people…

today i received an email from little miss f with a list of what she wants in her lunch bag for school. (she knows i’m not the best at remembering short term ;o) Croutons great. All sBras.    Krlifar mago. Smoveu kiris. read: croutons, green apples, cauliflower, mango smoothie, carrots ;o) i love it, and… Continue reading …pearls from little people…


beautiful but cold..

the winter is still here.. it’s seriously freezing still with daily temepratures below minus 10c with chill factors between minus 15c and minus 30c. the wind is brutal. the good thing about these (long) canadian winters are the light. all the snow and the many days with the sun shining from a clear blue sky… Continue reading beautiful but cold..