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thoughts for breakfast




2015-02-24_(h08m31s49)_IMG-9453_(Web_Max_800px_XY)while enjoying my morning routines, i was thinking about the upcoming march break with kids. so far our plans are: skating, snowboarding, visit niagara falls when it’s still frozen, a day trip to toronto, and some down time at home for snuggling, movies and board games. i want to spend time every day with each of them individually, as well as a family, as on friday 20th, i’ll be heading to denmark for 10 days – working – and without my little favourites. as much as i’m looking forward to going, to also see friends and family and to have some serious springtime in denmark, i am going to miss my little ones like crazy. luckily the time difference is working with me, so i can skype them every day they come home from school, as it will be night in denmark.

it will be my first time away from all of them more than one night…  and it will be hard on their mummy…

the recipe for juice and granola.


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