weekendare you ready for the weekend? we sure are within a couple of hours.

our weekend start this afternoon with making snacks for tonight with the kids. friday night we try to keep as our family night, with games, a movie or a documentary, but we always have quite a bit of sports activities on the schedule too; dance, soccer and more dance saturday, that we try our best to fit in as well.

Photo 2015-02-12, 2 44 00 PM

saturday i am planning for another fun activity, that i know little miss f is going to enjoy – we’re planning her birthday party for her friends. this is something she starts talking about 6 months ahead of birthday every single year. she makes lists of who she wants to invite, what activities to do and how to decorate – everything. the only thing is that two weeks prior to her birthday it all changes 🙂 this photos is from her third birthday with a ‘heart’ theme. wonder what we’ll do this year when she’s turning 6?  do you have any great suggestions for a girls 6. years birthday party?





this sunday i’m crossing my fingers and toes for a little less cold and a little more warmth to go snowboarding and skiing with my little favourites. these photos were taken last weekend when we had a couple of friend over for a sleepover.

…oh, i almost forgot we have to do our tax returns too… 🙁

wishing you all a wonderful sunny weekend!


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